Which version of ROS is good for controlling robot?

I know there are several versions of ROS such as kinetic, melodic etc.
In the construct website, the course was designed for ROS kinetic.
But recently they notice all course will be migrated to Noetic
when we use ROS1, What is main difference between Kinetic and Noetic?
Which version do you like?

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I would use Noetic right now. Its the newest and it works pretty well. It could be that some systems you need to use are not in noetic, and therefore you will need to use older versions , like melodic. But if you can, use the newest version of ROS always.

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Thank you for your kindness.
I will try to start Noetic for ROS1
and It will be good to start ROS2 Foxy later, because both are on Ubuntu 20.04

Exactly, you can hav both installed and source one or the other depending on what you are doing.