Xacro is not creating the links and joints for Gazebo - ROS noetic

Hi @albertoezquerro good afternoon. I checked here that you have good knowledge of xacros: Priorty between Xacro properties vs macro definition in XACRO

so maybe you could help me to figure out what is wrong within the xacro I am trying to create
for the left_wheel_link of this robot (as well as the left_wheel_joint).

The question is better elaborated in ROS answers: Xacro is not properly launched in Gazebo: missing link - ROS Answers: Open Source Q&A Forum

The xacro creates the urdf for Rviz but not for Gazebo (do not create the first shaft left wheel)
could you a take a look please?

what do you suggest for me fix this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @marcusvini178 !

Well I woudl reccomend you maye to have a look at a car example using XACRO, like this one:

To debug that I would have to open the project and spend time testing whats going on, but normally in xacros the best way is to start small, only spawning the element that is giving issues and incrementally adding more things, otherwise is very difficult to know whats going on. It could be a sintax error, missing tag, inertia, physics issue… Loads of stuff.

So have a look at this example, copy it and modify it to your liking: BOX CAR


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