All Courses in c++

As C++ is much appropriate to ROS than python, having all courses in C++ would add lot of value.

Please consider this request.


Hi @cshreyastech,

Thanks for your suggestion!

More courses in C++ in the future? Sure. All courses in C++? I doubt it.

Compared with Python, C++ has a steep learning curve for beginners and non-programmers, so our basic courses will most likely continue to use Python. Being a C++ guru, you might not see it from this point but we have a number of clients that are completely new to programming. This is why we created a the free course Python for Robotics.

If you want to help us in creating advanced C+┬▒based course, please let us know!


@bayodesegun, sure. I would be glad to contribute but I have very tight time schedule with me working on my research.
So my progress could be little slow.

Please let me know if that works.



We do have a timeline for the delivery of courses, but you can send an email to indicating what kind of courses you can create and what your timeline would be.


Thanks @bayodesegun. Will do.