Exercise 4.4 with C++ can't be launched

Hello, im trying to make this exercise with cpp but its not working and im getting frustrated :sweat_smile:
Here is the code I used from ros wiki

this is my launch file

this is the CMakelist

and finally the package.xml

When running it with roslaunch simple_navigation_goals run.launch i get following error

and when i try to run in with rosrun simple_navigation_goals simple_navigation_goals.cpp I get:

Im thankful for any help :slight_smile:

Hi @woeberinroslol ,

I see that you have defined MoveBaseClient as typedef. But where is the action client class?
Your MoveBaseClient basically has nothing in it to function.

You might want to quickly refer how to make action clients with ROS using C++.

I think the code you posted above will never execute!


PS: Use code-blocks to post code in the future. Posting pictures of a text is not a good way to seek help. Refer code-blocks: Extended Syntax | Markdown Guide

A humble advice: Do not copy-paste codes from somewhere. If you do not know what it does, then put effort into knowing what it does and then try to run it.