New simulator for AgileX Limo

I backed the AgileX Limo on Kickstarter, but decided to learn simulations and gazebo by configuring their robot here.

You can find the Limo rosject simulator here

Very happy for comments and tips to improve

Note I am not affiliated with AgileX in any way, I was just very pleased to find it on KickStarter and can’t wait until ROS2 is fully operational.

Very cool rosject, and very cool robots, many thanks for sharing!
I see that your rosject is running ROS noetic but the official Agilex GitHub repository says it is meant to run using ROS melodic. Did you had to do any porting yourself?



Hi Roberto

I’ve decided to use Neotic for simulation as I can run that on my Ubuntu 20.04 Workstation and an Nvidia Xavier hub.

I haven’t found any issues to date, but am still on Melodic on the Limo itself.

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