No launch file found


it did hit me again, no launch file found when launching the robot arm

ros2 launch my_robot_arm_description

the launfile exists in


any idea why it was not found ?

Hi @vkuehn ,

If the launch file is missing in your package, but exists in install folder, then copy that file into your launch folder path.

If you have a launch file in your package and you get an error saying launch file does not exist, then try deleting the build, install and log folders and rebuild your packages.

I hope this helps.


Hi @vkuehn,

are you sure you pasted the entire command?

This command here is missing the name of the launch file:

The entire command is:

ros2 launch <name_of_the_package> <name_of_the_launch_file>

Perhaps that was the problem?



Hi @girishkumar.kannan @rzegers ,

thanks to you both !

Actually both was requiered (Delete build folders and add the correct launch file)

starts now thanks.

unfortunatetly can only mark one answer as solution

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