URDF for Robot Modeling / Chapter 3 Using URDF for Gazebo / Exercise 2.2

I am trying to make my solution work properly for exercise 2.2

I added the 3D meshes for
> Base_link:

    Head_link: <mesh filename="package://my_mira_description_pkg/models/mira/meshes/mira_head_v5.dae"/>
    Eyes: <mesh filename="package://my_mira_description_pkg/models/mira/meshes/mira_eye_v4.dae"/>

Files are copies as requested to the /usr/share/gazebo/models/my_mira_description_pkg/models/mira/meshes folders.
I am still not sure if this is the correct folder (that part is not explained well in the course - in which folder exactly should we copy the dae files)

Final result is that I do not see any link that have real 3D mesh assosiated to geometry.

I would appreciate for any support
Thank you
Igor V

Hi @iv20023, as you are showing, the path where your link look for that mesh is the one you specify: my_mira_description_pkg/models/mira/meshes/mira_head_v5.dae make sure the names match.
does the shell trhows you any error?

Dear @u1802520,

There is no error. This is what I get

But I can not see the 3D meshes.

It is written in the exercise the following>

  • Gazebo needs the 3D models to be inside a certain folder to find them. Depends on the system, but RobotIgniteAcademy, the package with the meshes has to be inside:


So you have to always clean and copy your files inside that folder if the meshes have been changed:

Execute in WebShell #1

sudo rm -rf /usr/share/gazebo/models/my_mira_description

sudo cp -r /home/user/catkin_ws/src/my_mira_description /usr/share/gazebo/models/

ALWAYS WHEN YOU SIGN IN AGAIN IN ROBOT IGNITE ACADEMY, you will have to copy this folder AGAIN. (this is a limitation of our learning platform, not necessary on any other ROS system)

It is not exactly clear inside which folder of gazebo I should have package with dae files.

I need some support from someone who created the course.

Thank you for support
Igor V

seems like something is happening with the mesh files, have a look to this post:


Dear @u1802520 ,

I have checked also that and did exactly the same. Meshes do not show at all.
I also think , there are some problems with mesh files.

Thank you for support
Igor V

Hello to everyone,

I would like to get more support on the question. It is difficult to continue the course without have a clear answer where is the problem. It seems that there is some problem with gazebo or path /usr/share/gazebo/models/ is not correct. Inside my_mira_description package, I have models/mira/meshes folders. Where models should be inside gazebo? Is it in /usr/share/gazebo/models or any folder inside? For example /usr/share/gazebo/models/mira/meshes/? Whatever I try, 3D meshes do not show up.

Is it possible something like that?

Thank you for support
Igor V