How do you control your robot using actuators and not joints?


Project description
I’m working on a ROS2 project where I want to simulate on Gazebo Garden an underactuated gripper.

In the urdf file, we can specify actuators like that;

  <transmission name="abduction_transmission">
    <joint name="fingrip_finger1_base_joint">
    <joint name="fingrip_finger2_base_joint">
    <actuator name="abduction_actuator">

I create my own transmission plug-in in ros2_control.

Problem encountered
But in ros2_controllers, I can’t find anything about actuator controllers, there is none.
Whereas in ROS1, there were some…

Do you have any idea how to implement an actuator controller ? Or do I need to write it all the way ?



Well, I was mistaken, there are none in ROS1 too.
Gonna built my own x)

Wish me good luck !

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